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You've been making pancakes wrong as chef shares recipe – but not everyone's keen

There’s nothing quite like a scrumptious breakfast to kick-start your day, but a new morning delicacy has sparked debate among food enthusiasts.

The buzz is all about a pancake craze that’s taken the internet by storm. While it’s been a hit with many, some are feeling queasy at the thought.

The trendsetter behind this culinary controversy is none other than the online sensation Archived Chef, who showcased her pancake-making method on TikTok under the handle @archivedchef.

Her video, which racked up an impressive 20 million views, featured a bold claim: “Don’t take this the wrong way, but you’ve been making pancakes wrong your whole life.”

Archived Chef demonstrated how she transforms the traditional pancake batter into what she calls scrambled pancakes, reminiscent of the well-loved scrambled eggs. She advised: “Just scramble them like you would scramble eggs. It’s so much easier.”

Viewers watched as she chopped the batter into small, bite-sized morsels, resulting in a dish strikingly similar to scrambled eggs.

To finish off her scrambled pancakes, she sprinkled powdered sugar and topped them with blueberries, a generous helping of cream, and a drizzle of syrup. Flaunting her creation, she exclaimed: “As you can see it looks much better than regular pancakes wood. Tell me that does no look good.”

Despite her enthusiasm, the chef later expressed regret over the excessive toppings. Once the video hit TikTok, it didn’t take long for the scrambled pancake technique to become a hot topic, prompting numerous users to give it a whirl.

Yet, not everyone was sold on the idea, with one critic commenting, “Scrambling pancakes is wild.”

“This is a crime,” one person exclaimed, appalled at the unconventional pancake presentation. “I would never disrespect pancakes in that way,” another added, sharing their culinary indignation.

Yet, there are those who champion this unique breakfast creation, recognising it as a traditional dish in various countries. A commenter enlightened others by saying: “In Slovenia this is called Smoren and it’s sooo good… but the batter is a little different from the pancake one.”

Another individual recommended a similar dish with enthusiasm: “Try kaiserschmarren I beg you. It’s an Austrian dish and it kind of looks like that but is superior to pancakes, I swear.”


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