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Youths spotted fleeing scene as beloved pet cat found decapitated 'We just want justice'


Mooch’s horrific death has left his owners heartbroken and desperate to get justice. The RSPCA is investigating the sickening circumstances, Teesside Live reports, after the body was found on a playing field on Wednesday.

Mooch was a striking ‘tuxedo’ cat and was well known by families in the area.

His grief-stricken owner, who doesn’t want to be named, said: “We’re absolutely mortified. I feel as though I have lost a part of the family.

He was an amazing cat – he loved his cuddles and would talk to you all day.

“He lived with us for a year – he was a family cat.”

He added: “It sounds awful but I pray a car has hit him rather than anything else and someone has done that to him after.

“I’m no expert but there was no blood on his body which suggests it must have happened after he died.”

His partner said: “We just want to get justice for what’s happened.

“He didn’t deserve that, he was such a loving cat.”

Katie Conway made the grim discovery in Middlesbrough, Teesside, and used social media to trace Mooch’s owners.

“Please be careful letting your cats out as this is not the first one found like this in the area, and it clearly was not a victim of an animal attack,” she said.

“There’s been three other found like this in the area. Apparently it’s the local youths, who were present when I found it and ran off when they saw I’d seen it.”

A spokesperson for the RSPCA confirmed the incident has been reported to the charity.

“Anyone with any information about what has happened should contact us on 0300 123 8018,” she said.


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