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'You're making people hate you!' Furious driver argues with M25 eco-protest mob


Angry drivers have clashed with climate change campaigners on the M25 protest as environmental action group Insulate Britain continues to mount disrupted blockades  Police have made more than 30 arrests in Hertfordshire and Kent as demonstrators target the Monday morning rush hour commute. In total, more than 70 people have been arrested since the protests began last week with the latest coming as a planned Insulate Britain demonstration near the Dartford crossing was foiled.

The enraged motorist told the protestors: “Why the hell do you think this is the right thing to do?

“I know what you’re fighting, I completely agree, this is a really, really good idea, but this is not the way to do it.

“You’re causing more pollution with all these cars sitting here just doing f*** all.

“You’re making people hate you. Go and protest London, go down to Downing Street.”

A spokeswoman for climate groups told LBC last week: “We have tried reasonable protest, we know that the Government doesn’t listen to what the public says and it’s only by taking radical action, it seems, that we’re going to get some kind of radical response to a climate emergency.”

Insulate Britain has also written a letter to Highways England, in which the group state: “People’s safety during this campaign has always been our primary objective.

“Therefore, on the 16th September we passed a request to the police to slow down the traffic on the south west parts of the M25 network, as we were aware that supporters of the Insulate Britain campaign would be participating in acts of civil disobedience on that area.

“In the context of the horror of the climate crisis we believe that it is entirely proportionate to create disruption on the motorway network if it means the UK Government fulfils its legal obligation of staying below 2°C which will stop the unimaginable suffering for future generations.

“Officers were on the scene within minutes of being alerted to protest activity, allowing us to put diversions in place to ease the traffic and to make numerous arrests. All protestors involved in this morning’s protests have been arrested and will be taken to custody.

“We are working closely with other affected forces to ensure that any further activity is dealt with effectively and efficiently.

“I understand and appreciate the frustration regarding the considerable delays and inconvenience that has occurred as a result of the protests.

“We have now made a total of 76 arrests in relation to protest activity across Hertfordshire over the last week. Please be assured that a full investigation is underway, and we are in the process of gathering evidence in order to ensure that those breaking the law are brought to justice.”

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