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'You're a hypocrite' Row erupts on GMB as Dr Shola loses it at Piers Morgan over royals


“Let me ask you this, did even you Shola in your blind adulation for these two not cringe slightly, at least slightly shudder when this privacy-minded couple had decided to spill their guts on Oprah for 90minutes on prime time American telly for gazillions but also they chose to film it on the very day the Duke of Edinburgh had been taken into hospital.”

“Let’s just address your blind adulation, there is no blind adulation because I might as well refer to you Piers as a petty, petulant, fragile man-baby, who can’t get his act together because Meghan rejected you,” Dr Shola continued.

“Talking about their decision to have a conversation with Oprah, that is not a problem, if they wish to control the narrative around their lives, that is not a problem.


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