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You can remove permanent marker from anything with 2 household ingredients – here’s how


PERMANENT markers are an invaluable resource, but they can also be a risky item to have on hand if you live with small children.

If permanent marker ink ends up somewhere it shouldn’t, you can rely on common household items to get remove it safely.


To demonstrate her technique, Avila drew on her body with permanent marker[/caption]


After spraying the permanent market with sunscreen, it came right off[/caption]

On TikTok, Bella Avila shares life hacks, fun facts, and cool shopping finds with her followers.

In a video about removing permanent marker drawings from various surfaces, the first strategy came from her own prior experiences.

“I used to do these live streams where every time somebody did a big donation, I would write their name in Sharpie somewhere on my body,” Avila explained.

That meant her entire body would be coated with permanent marker ink by the end of the stream.



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“I quickly had to learn that the best way to get Sharpie off of skin is sunblock,” she continued.

Using an aerosol spray sunblock, Avila demonstrated the technique.

She made a mark on her skin in blue permanent marker, then gave it a quick spritz with sunscreen.

After wiping with a rag, the ink was gone. “It comes off very quickly,” Avila said.

But if the marker ends up somewhere other than your skin, Avila still has you covered.

Next, Avila demonstrated a way to remove permanent marker from laminated surfaces, like a whiteboard.

If you – or your kids – accidentally use a Sharpie on a whiteboard, the way to remove it should be within arm’s reach.

“The best way to get this off is a dry erase marker,” Avila explained.

She drew on the whiteboard in permanent marker, then scribbled over her drawing with the dry erase marker intended for use on the surface.

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“It comes right off,” she said as she wiped the ink away.

In the comments, Avila also wrote that rubbing alcohol can help remove Sharpie ink in dire circumstances – but warned that it can be damaging to some surfaces, especially if used too frequently on skin.


Drawing over the permanent ink with dry erase marker removed it[/caption]

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