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Yorkshire Ripper: Serial killer responded to parents who asked him to ‘marry our daughter’


Peter Sutcliffe, who died just over a year ago, became known as the Yorkshire Ripper after a string of violent murders from 1975 to 1980 The serial killer targeted women across Northwest England and in his native Yorkshire, blaming his attacks on “voices from God”. Sutcliffe murdered 13 women and tried to kill seven others before he was arrested in 1981 and jailed for life.

Now, a new documentary shines a light on the flawed West Yorkshire Police investigation to catch the Yorkshire Ripper.

The second and final episode of ‘Yorkshire Ripper: The Secret Murders’ airs tonight on ITV.

The film links more than 20 unsolved murders and attempted murders to Sutcliffe.

Experts go over evidence, including interviews with victims’ relatives, some of whom speak on-screen for the first time.

The new documentary comes not long after revelations that the Ripper received a marriage proposal in prison from parents who wrote to him, saying: “Will you marry our daughter?”

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The claims were made in a recent Channel 5 documentary that offered a fresh insight into his life behind bars.

‘The Ripper Speaks: The Lost Tapes’ features startling secret recordings of Sutcliffe speaking candidly about his crimes and life in prison.

The tapes were made by a woman known only as ‘Brenda’, who was in regular contact with Sutcliffe.

In the tapes, he can be heard boasting of the marriage proposal, and Brenda, whose identity is protected, also discusses it for the programme.

Mark Williams-Thomas, the journalist who presents the show, asks Brenda about Sutcliffe’s prison correspondence.

“‘It’s flattering for a 27-year-old to want to marry a 73-year-old man’.

“I said, ‘But where is the sense in that, really?

“You’ve got all your life in front of you?’”

He added: “She just had a kind of a fascination.

“She got carried away and, in the end, she said, ‘I love you like crazy’.”

When Sutcliffe was sentenced in 1981, the judge said recommended a minimum term of 30 years for him before parole could be considered.

However, in 2010, the High Court issued Sutcliffe with a whole life tariff, meaning he was spend the rest of his days behind bars.

‘Yorkshire Ripper: The Secret Murders’ airs tonight on ITV from 9pm-10pm.

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