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Yellowstone season 4: Why hasn't the season 4 release date been announced yet?


Yellowstone season four is coming, but it is coming later than fans were expecting. The show usually has a June release date on Paramount Plus, though it will miss it this year. But why hasn’t the release date for season 4 been announced yet?

Why hasn’t the release date for season four been announced yet?

Yellowstone fans were hoping to dive back into the ranching series again this month but have been disappointed to see that it is nowhere in sight.

In fact, season four of the series doesn’t have a release date or trailer, making this a major delay for the series.

It isn’t known when season four will drop, with no word from Paramount and no teaser to go on, it could be quite some time before it drops.

However, the reason for the delay is simple and doesn’t indicate the show is in trouble, in fact, Yellowstone fans have a lot to be excited about in the future.

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It appears COVID-19 and general weather conditions are to blame for the delay of season four.

This explains the lack of a trailer, which should have dropped months ago if it was still to hit its June target.

The scenes which are to be shot this month must be crucial moments for the series, also explaining why the release date had to wait.

If this is the last of filming for season four, a trailer and release date announcement can’t be far behind.

Fans have taken to Twitter to discuss the upcoming season, with many of them expressing their disappointment over the lack of a release date.

One fan said: “Finally finished Yellowstone…. waiting for season 4.”

Another fan added: “I honestly just ready for season 4 of Yellowstone to come out.”

A third said: “I’m ready for season 4 already! Lets gooooooooo!!”

Yellowstone is available to watch on Paramount Plus and Amazon Prime Video.


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