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Yellowstone season 4: Rainwater 'ruled out' as suspect in Dutton's shooting after key clue


Season three of Paramount’s hit Western series ended with tragedy as John Dutton’s (played by Kevin Costner) life was left hanging by a thread. As the wait for Yellowstone’s return continues, some observant fans have spotted some clues which could remove one of the ranch’s biggest rivals from the list of suspects.

Yellowstone fans are convinced they’ve struck John Dutton’s rival Thomas Rainwater (Gil Birmingham) from the list of potential suspects behind the attacks at the end of season three.

Showrunner Taylor Sheridan blindsided fans with last year’s season finale, which left John and his children, Kayce (Luke Grimes) and Beth (Kelly Reilly) with their lives on the line.

Viewers quickly compiled a list of potential characters who could be revealed to have orchestrated the attacks, including business rival Roarke Morris (Josh Holloway) and John’s adopted son, Jamie Dutton (Wes Bentley).

However, for many watching, John Dutton’s most enduring enemy, Broken Rock chairman Thomas Rainwater, didn’t make the cut.

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Even so, this fan argued that, if Rainwater were behind the plot to take down the Duttons, his regular lackeys would have been spotted at the scene of the crime.

Rainwater is rarely seen without his posse of bodyguards and trusted driver Mo (Mo Brings Plenty), who would have been his first contact for a plan to take the ranch by force.

Down in the comments, another fan speculated if Broken Rock have given up their quest to reclaim the Dutton ranch as their own, at least for now.

They replied: “I think Rainwater & Mo, have been and will always be in the background wanting Yellowstone, but have developed a respect for the Duttons, and appreciate them wanting to keep the land open.”

Seasons two and three proved Rainwater isn’t above teaming with the Duttons to take down common enemies, such as the cold-blooded capitalists, the Beck brothers.

Not only could Rainwater be exonerated from the attacks at the start of season four, he may even see fit to join forces with the ranch once again to wreak vengeance on those responsible.

Filming has reportedly wrapped up in Montana, so fans only have a few short months to wait before Yellowstone returns to screens this summer.

Yellowstone season 4 will premiere in June 2021 on Paramount.


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