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Yellowstone: Colby star left 'freaking out' after not being told his character didn't die


Viewers watched in horror when Colby (played by Denim Richards) and Teeter (Jennifer Landon) were all but trampled to death during a tense moment in Yellowstone season three. Much like the millions of fans of the Paramount Western, Richards initially thought his character might have been killed off.

One of the most heart-racing moments of the entire series came when Colby and Teeter were trampled in a river by Wade Morrow (Boots Southerland) and his son, Clint (Brent Walker).

Thankfully, the Morrow’s crusade against the Duttons came to a swift end, but fans were left waiting for a whole week to find out the ranch hands’ fates.

Their survival was confirmed when the couple washed up bloody and bruised at the start of the next episode, ‘Meaner Than Evil’.

However, much like the fans of the series, co-stars Richards and Landon were originally kept in the dark about whether their characters would make it through the third season.

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During a chat with the show’s bunkhouse cast, Richards recalled: “I definitely thought I was dead.

“I mean, for sure. When, you know, reading that for the first time…”

His co-star Jennifer Landon then chimed in, admitting: “Yeah, about that…”

It turns out Landon had managed to get confirmation from showrunner Taylor Sheridan before Richards got a chance to find out what happened next.

Landon went on: “He was like, ‘‘The next script that’s coming out you’re gonna think you died, you don’t die.’

Almost as an afterthought, Landon added: “And then basically he was like, ‘Oh, and tell Denim.’”

Unfortunately, Richards experienced the shock of a lifetime as he had sped through the new episode before Landon got the chance to reassure him.

Richards claimed: “I had already read the script and by the time I get a text message from you I’m freaking out.”

“I was running around my house in a manic state, like ‘Oh my God what’s happened?’”

Luckily, Colby and Teeter managed to escape the ordeal, though it may be some time before they’ve fully recovered from their brush with death.

In the meantime, their reluctant romance has become one of the most endearing parts of the series and is hoped to develop further once Yellowstone season four gets underway.

Yellowstone season 4 will premiere in 2021 on Paramount.


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