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Yankees’ Jose Trevino looking like his Platinum Glove self behind the plate

TAMPA — With Clarke Schmidt’s lengthy start taking centerstage in the Yankees’ Friday win over the Rays and Clay Holmes almost spoiling it, Jose Trevino’s performance may have flown under the radar.

But the catcher played an instrumental role in the 2-0 victory, helping Schmidt erase multiple baserunners while the righty held Tampa scoreless for 6.2 innings, matching a career-high.

“He was massive,” Schmidt said after Trevino threw out two on the bases. “He’s just so fun to work with.”

Trevino couldn’t nab Tampa’s first bandit, as José Caballero swiped second in the third inning. But the pesky infielder got greedy, and Trevino gunned him down when he attempted to steal third.

Moments after Schmidt exited the game with two outs in the seventh, Trevino also threw out Isaac Paredes when he tried to steal second.

“Trevi was great back there,” Aaron Boone said. “Really good in the dirt. Him and Clarke were on a great page. You could tell. Just typical Trevi stuff.

“I thought he had three good throws. The one he almost got [Caballero] at second was a good throw.”

Trevino also helped Schmidt pick off Randy Arozarena with a designed play in the sixth inning.

Before the outfielder took his lead off of first, Trevino could be seen looking into the Yankees’ dugout. The backstop then shook Schmidt off repeatedly, as he had no intention of calling a pitch. Instead, Trevino set his glove up as if he were ready to receive, but he never looked at Schmidt.

Instead, the catcher kept his eye on Arozarena. As soon his lead got too big, Trevino dropped his glove, signaling that it was time for Schmidt to throw to Anthony Rizzo, who applied a quick tag at first for the out.

Schmidt said that he and Trevino were well-prepared for the Rays’ aggression on the basepaths, as the batterymates game-planned a little more than usual this week.

“We were just giving A moves the whole night because we felt like they were trying to jump me and time me up,” Schmidt said. “So every time I picked off, it wasn’t like some lazy throw. We were really trying to get these guys out, and obviously it paid off big time.”

While Schmidt benefited from Trevino’s arm and eyes, the catcher also stole a few strikes on Holmes’ behalf during a turbulent ninth inning.

With two on, one out and Paredes at the plate, Trevino got a first-pitch strike call when Holmes threw a sinker just outside.

Six pitches later, Trevino did the same on a 2-2 sinker ever further off the plate. Paredes, thinking he had worked a full count, turned around in surprise when he realized he had been punched out.

“He’s special. He does it every time he’s back there,” Holmes said of Trevino’s framing after the two ultimately escaped a bases-loaded jam. “He catches a lot of balls that I don’t really know sometimes if they’re strikes or balls because he’s so good at it. His hands are so fast. I just throw to the target and let him do his thing. He’s done some special stuff back there.”

A Platinum Glove winner and All-Star in 2022, Trevino is better known for his framing than his throwing. He excelled at both on Friday, but he found himself tied for the league lead in Catcher Framing Runs (3) on Saturday morning. His 53.5% Strike Rate also led the majors.

Meanwhile, Austin Wells, Trevino’s platoon partner behind the plate, ranked fifth at 49.5%.

The two catchers have split time evenly thus far, with both playing in 23 games prior to Saturday’s contest. Boone said that he believes that approach is keeping Trevino fresh after a wrist injury hampered him in the first half and robbed him of the second half last season.

Trevino has even benefited offensively, raising his average to .290 with a 105 OPS+ after knocking two singles on Friday.

“We have a ton of confidence in both guys,” Boone said. “So you really feel good about whoever we have in there that game in whatever [opposing pitching] matchup I like. And then what they’re both doing behind the plate with the pitching staff, I’m very pleased with them and that position.”


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