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X-rated books left in phone box library – at least six had to be removed


Shocked councillors have complained after repeatedly finding “salacious adult literature”. At least six racy books have had to be removed from the kiosk, which sits next to a school playground in the quaint village of Hurstbourne Tarrant, Hampshire. In a desperate plea on Facebook, the council said: “We love our red phone box library on Church Street… but we don’t love salacious adult literature being left in there.

“So if whoever is doing is reading this, please don’t keep leaving inappropriate books – the majority of visitors to the phone box are children.

“And some of them are tall enough to reach the shelves where the books for grown-ups are.

“Please find another outlet for your collection.”

One resident joked: “I have heard that there are some salacious books – and I’m number 20 in the queue.”

But Miriam Edwards, clerk for the parish council, said: “It is unacceptable that literature of this type is being left in a phone box where it is accessible to children, next to a play area, next to a school.

“A lot of people don’t find this funny. We don’t want this made into some sort of laughing stock when the underlying issue is actually very important.”

The culprit may not be too difficult to find. Just 851 people live in the leafy village which has thatched roofs.

Tory councillor Kirsty North, who represents the area on the county council, said she wondered whether the naughty books had been left as a cheeky prank.

She helped find local authority funds to pay for the telephone box in 2019 after the village lost its mobile library service. She said: “It’s a well used community library. It’s situated close to the school so lots of children use it. It’s been a success.

“This certainly wasn’t what I had in mind when the village bought the kiosk. It’s unfortunate that this material has been found there.

“I should think it’s someone’s idea of a joke or maybe it’s someone who doesn’t live in the village.”


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