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WW3: China and US heading towards 'very big war' over Taiwan warns retired Aussie officer


He also conceded that Washington is “not convinced” that it could win any such military conflict and that Australia could face “collateral attacks” from China. Speculation has been rife about China’s intentions towards Taipei, with one US Navy officer predicting Beijing could annex Taiwan within the next six years. Those fears have been stoked by China’s increasingly aggressive behaviour towards its neighbour, coupled with ever more belligerent rhetoric.

In April, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Le Yucheng insisted that Beijing “will never allow Taiwan to be independent.”

Retired Major General and Liberal Senator Jim Dolan told Sky News Australia that any attempt by China to take back Taiwan by force would inevitably involve a major military conflict.

He explained: “China has an aim and that is to take back Taiwan peacefully or by force and we have got to accept that.

The former Aussie officer added: “It’s what happens after those first clashes in the war between China and the United States that worry me more.

“You see, the United States is not convinced that it can win this war.

“And if it gets pushed out of the Pacific, what do we do then?”


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