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'Wouldn't boil a dog!' Animal rights activist stuns GMB with demand to stop eating meat


Dr Carys Bennett from the animal rights organisation PETA was invited on to Good Morning Britain to discuss new laws on animal welfare. The spokesperson argued that Britain should stop consuming meat, pointing to studies that showed animals have feelings. However, the activist left ITV GMB presenters aghast with a comparison between cooking lobsters in a pot to cooking a live dog, a remark which triggered audible gasps from the hosts.

Dr Bennett said: “We have known from decades that animals have feelings like pain, joy, love.

“They are sentient beings just like us. So it is now really unconscionable that we continue exploiting them and killing them in their billions and eating them.”

She added: “Some invertebrates also have developed nervous systems and brains like octopus, squid, crabs and lobsters.

“You would never boil a dog alive it is appalling to think that.”


She added: “That is what happens to lobsters who are boiled alive.

“We need to expand the definition of salient animals to encompass more species.”

It comes after Boris Johnson’s Government introduced a new bill in parliament aimed at strengthening the UK’s animal protection laws.

Host Susanna stepped in and asked: “So you think that the logical conclusion of this bill is that we should all become vegan?”

Dr Bennett replied: “What happens to animals is absolutely atrocious.

“There are one billion chickens killed a year in the UK, their life is just a living hell.

“They’re killed at just six weeks old having suffered a super-sized body; they’re so heavy their legs break beneath them.

“They’re crammed into crates breaking their wings in the process.”


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