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World's smallest fish finger sandwich created – and it's absolutely tiny

Every detail had been meticulously considered when putting together the sarnie that’s only 8mm in height, including a thin layer of butter, between the miniature slices of bread. And the mini fish fingers were topped with a droplet of ketchup and a miniscule lettuce leaf.

Following a scrupulous process that took more than 100 hours to create the clay components and pull them together, with the resulting creation weighing roughly the same as a single pea.

Miniatures artist Nadia Michaux was commissioned to serve up the dish to launch Birds Eye’s new Mini Fish Fingers, which are half the size of the regular option.

Nadia said: “This was an incredibly difficult challenge, given the size of this sandwich makes up no more than four 5p coins stacked on top of each other, and each tiny fish finger measured around 5mm by 11mm. I was really pleased with the result, and I’m so glad the Captain gave it his seal of approval.”

The elements of the sarnie were informed by a poll, commissioned by the brand of 2,000 adults, which found ‘real’ butter, two slices of white bread, ketchup and lettuce make up the perfect fish finger sandwich. Each of the components were painstakingly created from two types of specialised clay, shaped by hand.

Following a meticulous process, the parts were expertly painted to bring them to life to perfectly match the proportions of the Playmobil Captain figurine – an item shoppers can get by purchasing two special edition packs of the product.

Dace Khudher, from Birds Eye, added: “We’ve created the tallest fish finger sandwich, travelled round the world to reveal recipes for every taste, and now with the help of Nadia we’ve been able to create our smallest fish finger sandwich ever.

“There’s some incredible precision involved in creating something so small and the attention to detail and care that has gone into making this is something we can really relate to.”


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