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World warned Vladimir Putin is preparing for 'biggest-ever' strike on Ukraine

Vladimir Putin appears to be gearing up for what experts are calling Russia’s “biggest-ever” assault on Ukraine, driven by a perceived opportunity amid what he sees as Western weakness.

Overnight, ominous signs emerged as the Russian leader initiated a series of devastating attacks, raising fears of a potentially catastrophic escalation.

Experts warn that Putin’s actions signal a dangerous shift in Russia’s strategy. “He smells weakness and opportunity,” retired British Army General Sir Richard Barrons said.

“These attacks are intended to exploit perceived vulnerabilities in the West’s support for Ukraine and to weaken Ukraine’s resolve to resist.”

The onslaught, characterised by a barrage of missiles and drones, targeted critical infrastructure, including the Dnipro power plant and dam, plunging the region into chaos.

The scale of the assault is staggering, with reports indicating the deployment of sophisticated weaponry such as the “Kinzhal” rockets and “Kh-22 Storm” missiles.

“This is the largest attack on Ukraine’s energy sector in recent times,” stated Ukraine’s energy minister Herman Halushchenko.

The timing of Putin’s aggressive manoeuvres is particularly concerning. With a new six-year term secured and what he perceives as favourable geopolitical conditions, the Russian leader appears emboldened to pursue his objectives with impunity.

Moreover, Putin’s rhetoric suggests a readiness for further escalation. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov’s claim that “we are in a state of war” underscores the gravity of the situation, framing the conflict as a direct confrontation with the West.

Looking ahead, concerns mount over Russia’s intentions for the coming months.

General Barrons cautioned that a renewed offensive in the summer could see Russia pushing towards the Dnipro river and Kyiv, potentially exacerbating an already dire situation.


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