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‘Works really well’: Mrs Hinch fans share best hacks for sprucing up kitchen tin trays


Cleaning enthusiast Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on social media. The star has attracted more than four million followers on her Instagram page.

Inspired by her clever hacks, cleaning fans have established their own groups on social media dedicated to sharing effective techniques.

One group member sought advice for cleaning a cake tin tray without damaging the coating. 

One person commented: “Just soaking in hot soapy water will keep them going.”

A second online user said: “I’ve never cleaned mine, only use for Yorkshire’s and muffins, muffins go in cases and any dried Yorkshire I just wipe off.”

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Another advised: “Really hot water and dishwasher tablets.”

One person explained: “As I was growing up, I was told you’re not meant to clean them, just wipe down with kitchen paper.”

“Wash out soon as soon as possible before oil dries or soak in Elbow Grease should remove it easily,” said another.

One group member recommended using a Brillo pad.

“Always soak them before trying to wash them,” said another. 

“I soak for a good hour then wash with a plain sponge.”

One online user posted: “I’ll be honest, my trays were my grandmother’s. They have been in a not as new state for 50 years.

“We wash in hot soapy water and dry and now use muffin cases if friends are coming round. If not, just lightly grease them.”

The person added: “A bit of scaring from cooking won’t harm anyone. Happy baking.”

One group member posted: “Don’t worry about marks on baking tins. 

“They won’t affect your baking. Mine are nearly black, but I know they’re clean.”

Another group member explained spraying oil on a tin tray could remove the coating, while adding: “I’d only grease with butter in future and then you can just wipe with a cloth after they’ve cooled a bit, or soak in warm water and wipe.”

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