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Woman's time-saving method to peel and mash potatoes in just one move

A culinary whizz has shared a genius cooking hack that promises to peel and mash potatoes in one fell swoop, potentially revolutionising the way we prepare this classic side dish.

Mashed potatoes are a staple accompaniment to many meals, but the preparation can be quite laborious, involving peeling, chopping, boiling, and mashing. But Azure MacCannell, known on social media as @livecomposed, has discovered a nifty trick to streamline the process.

Azure’s method, which has wowed over 22,000 fans on TikTok, involves boiling halved potatoes with their skins on. After they’re cooked, she demonstrates how to press them through a cooling rack, effectively separating the skin from the mashed potato, which falls into a bowl below.

She advises: “Can we all agree that we need to stop peeling potatoes? Just boil with the skin on and push through a baking rack.”

To finish off the dish, simply mix in some butter or margarine for extra creaminess. And for those who love potato skins, Azure suggests popping them in an AirFryer for a delicious crispy treat.

The time-saving technique has left viewers astounded, with many expressing their eagerness to try it out themselves. One enthusiastic fan commented: “OMG! ! ! I love this idea! ! ! Ty for sharing! ! I can’t wait to do this! “.

Another enthused: “Ooooh good idea,” while a third chimed in: “Did it this morning worked so well! Thank you.”

Another grateful user exclaimed: “Thank god for this trick because the potato ricer is truly my most hated kitchen device.”

Yet, not all feedback was positive, with some expressing practical concerns. One viewer remarked: “Sounds like an extra dish I could not wash if I just peel them first,” and another sceptic quipped: “Did they stop making peelers? Lol.”

It comes after the TikTok sensation ‘spudman’ shared his secret to perfect jacket potatoes. Ben Newman, better known as Spudman, rose to fame on social media by filming videos about all things spuds from his jacket potato van based in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

The humble jacket potato is a staple in British cuisine and it’s a recipe he claims to have mastered, with it’s perfectly crispy potato skins.


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