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Woman's 'life-saving' one ingredient hack stops food going bad and adds extra flavour

A woman has shared her “life-saving” storage hack that stops food going bad – and it only needs one simple ingredient.

While a squeeze of zesty lemon can add a splash of extra flavour to your meal, it can also be a bit wasteful if you don’t make the most out of the fruit.

However, one woman believes she has a solution that can avoid any dreaded food waste.

In a video, which was shared online by @unkoshercowgirl, she explained: “I don’t know if you know this. I didn’t know this until now. If you just want some of the juice and you want it to stay… You poke a hole in the middle of it.”

She was seen poking the centre of the fruit with a skewer, before squeezing the juice over the top of her chopped avocado, reports the Mirror.

The clip has since been shared on Facebook by the TikTok app’s official page, gaining more than 5.3million views and 165,000 likes.

In the caption, they wrote: “In today’s episode of “I was today years old when #TikTokTaughtMe. ” Social media viewers were left stunned by the life hack as they took to the comments branding it a ‘life saver’.”

One user said: “So basic, so utterly simple. I never thought to do it.”

Another added: “Omg you’re a complete life saver.”

While a third commented: “Not all heroes wear capes.”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “Never thought of it, but that totally makes sense.”

Someone else suggested: “Even better if you roll the thing back and forth on the counter to liquify it before creating an exit.”

While one warned: “And make sure you wrap it or put in a container before putting back in the fridge or the rest of the juice will dry off/evaporate.”

Lemons are not only a zesty addition to dishes but also serve as a natural remedy for unsightly hard water stains.

To tackle these blemishes, slice a lemon and rub it directly onto the affected areas.

By thoroughly covering the hard water stains with lemon, the citric acid will “interact with the minerals present in the hard water stains, making them more manageable to wipe away,” explains James Elston from Boiler Central.


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