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Woman's fear over mystery direct debit draining funds of parents with dementia

A woman was left stunned after discovering her dementia-stricken parents had been forking out “an absolute fortune” on a mysterious direct debit. She reached out to Santander, seeking clarity over the baffling payments linked to the bank.

She queried: “Can you explain who this direct debit is to? My parents have dementia and have no clue who they’ve been paying all these years. An absolute fortune and no paperwork here.”

The concerned daughter shared a screengrab showing part of the transaction details, which read “Ail Santander”. A Santander spokesperson offered an initial explanation for the puzzling charges.

They suggested: “If your parents hold any home/contents insurance policies this is normally what these types of direct debits relate to.”

The woman pressed on, asking if the bank could pinpoint the exact recipient from the screengrab’s information.

However, the bank’s response was limited. They said: “We can’t see from the details you’ve provided I’m afraid. More details can be found on our website.”

They directed her to a webpage detailing Santander’s insurance offerings.

The woman later updated that she believed she had identified the destination of the direct debit.

According to research by the New York Federal Reserve, financial inconsistencies, such as erratic payments or unwarranted new account openings, may be signs of early dementia.

Express.co.uk has reached out to Santander for a statement regarding this incident.


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