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Woman's 65p trick to stop weeds growing between paving slabs

Gardening can often feel like a never-ending battle against weeds, but one woman shared a ‘game-changing’ hack to reduce the number of weeds that sprout between your paving slabs each year.

The green-fingered TikTok user, known as @my.allotment.obsession, revealed two simple household items that can help keep your garden weed-free.

In her video, she is seen pouring boiling water directly from the kettle onto the weeds before sprinkling salt, which can be bought for about 65p from most supermarkets, over them.

After leaving the solution for a day or two, the weeds begin to wither and die. She advised: “Salt sterilises the ground and prevents vegetative regrowth. Only use it on paths!” One viewer questioned: “Does it kill the root though?”

Another user responded: “Sometimes, not always. It absolutely does kill worms and essential microorganisms and bacteria in the soil though, which is not good.”

Another added: “I do it on my patio and they don’t come back.”

A different user suggested an alternative method: “Clear vinegar and washing up liquid is brilliant too.”

This comes after another gardening enthusiast shared her top tip for keeping slugs at bay. Meg, known as @meggrowsplants on TikTok, has been praised for her simple yet effective trick that costs less than £1.

In her video, she expressed her frustration: “Something is eating my pepper plants. I’m really mad about it, they look awful. I’ve had them top a few of them which means they’ve literally eaten the main stem off. I know exactly who the culprit is. As you can see from this gooey, slimy trail right here, it is slugs.

Meg then revealed that snails and slugs “love beer”, as they are drawn to the yeast within it, before detailing how she creates ‘slug traps’ with the beverage.

“It’s as easy as pouring the beer into a bowl and setting the bowl near the affected area,” she explained. The next morning, Meg checks her traps and finds several slugs deceased inside her beer bowls.


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