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Woman told to 'dump' husband over picture of his unusual sandwich

A woman shared a snap of her husband’s sandwich online – and it’s so bad that people are encouraging her to leave him.

People were left stunned after a snap of the culinary creation was shared on Reddit, and it’s left people totally dumbfounded. She wrote: “My husband made himself a hot banana and cheese sandwich.”

The picture then showed two pieces of brown bread topped with sliced banana and melted cheese slices. It’s left people scratching their heads as the flavour combination is simply so unusual.

It’s got hundreds of people talking online, as they simply can’t get over it. The suggestion was even made that he must be “pregnant” to want to chomp down such a food “monstrosity”.

As you can imagine, many people were quick to make jokes and poke fun at the situation. Many even encouraged her to pack her bags and leave him.

One person wrote: “Your husband is high as hell.” Another replied, saying: “This is good! Document as much as you can for the divorce lawyer.”

A third noted: “Sorry to hear about your upcoming divorce.” Meanwhile, a fourth commented: “I just threw up in my mouth. He made what?”

Others were also quick to say they thought it was a “bad” choice of cheese, as it looks “fake”. Then, there were a few who suggested it must be a “regional speciality” somewhere.

What took many by surprise is some people seemed to agree with this, claiming they’d seen the sarnies being made elsewhere. This really shocked a lot of people who were left disgusted by the cheesy catastrophe.

One person chirped in with: “We live in western Norway, and my husband said he used to eat this as a kid, but I’ve never once seen anyone else here make this monstrosity.”

Another wrote: “He isn’t alone in that. I live in northern Germany and my dad used to make those for me too. Just with much nicer cheese. Not sure if I’d like it today though lol.”

Meanwhile, someone else took a slightly different approach, writing: “It sounds grosser than it probably is. Example cheddar is actually really good on apple pie.”

One more claimed: “This the kind of thing I’d try when I overdo it with the gummies. NGL, I’d try it. Maybe it’s an acquired taste, like Peanut Butter Pickles for pregnant women.”

As much as it took most people by surprise, it seems there are some people willing to give all sorts of weird and wonderful food creations a try. Each to their own, eh?


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