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Woman shows how to make an amazing DIY flower wall using £4 bargains


THE MOST popular interior design and backdrop trend in social media today is the flower wall.

No longer do you have to be in a fancy cafe or attending an event for that trendy selfie – you can create a flower wall at home.


A woman has shown how to create the popular flower wall from home[/caption]

Imagine being able to get your pregame pictures (we all know this is when we are at our peak) from the comfort of your own home.

One woman has shared a TikTok video on how to create the flower wall effect in a few easy steps.

Abby Blackman shared her flower wall creation with her 7 K followers on TikTok revealing how she uses a plastic green trellis, a glue gun and artificial roses.

Hairdresser Abby uses 890 artificial roses to be exact, in maroon, lilac, cream and peach to create the stunning wall she showcases in her video.

Sharing the finished result in the video that racked up over 2 million views, Abby revealed the wall was for her new hair salon.

Viewers commented on the video in awe of the creation.

“Okay but no one is going to talk about THE DEDICATION. Girl its’ so good” commented one woman.

“My jaw literally dropped… I need this now” said another.

If you would like to have a go at creating this flower wall at home and on a budget, check out this trellis at Wilko for just £15.

Hobby Craft also sell these artificial roses so you don’t have to even cut the stems off and you get 20 for £4!

You can pick up a glue gun for just £5 from Theworks.co.uk .

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Also see this one on a mum hack to help your kids to stop loosing their marker lids.

And don’t miss out on how one woman creates a cheap alternative to wallpaper.


The DIY flower walk took so much dedication and 890 roses to create[/caption]


The woman was delighted with the result for her hair salon[/caption]

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