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Woman reveals how to use socks to get perfect heat-free curls overnight


IF YOU’RE sick of spending hours curling your hair, then listen up.

One TikToker has revealed the super easy way to get curly hair without having to use any styling tools.


Fey Morgan from the US, showed off the results of her sock hack the next morning[/caption]


Fey uses two socks to create her fuss-free curls[/caption]

Fey Morgan, from the US, shared how she uses a pair of socks to curl her hair in a TikTok video that went viral with over one million views.

She said that this method was super comfortable to sleep in as well as giving her a blow-out style in the morning.

And all you need to recreate it yourself is a hairbrush and two socks.

She sections her hair into a bottom and a top part and uses a little hair oil to put through her ends.

Starting with the bottom section, she then brushes her hair out and begins to wrap her hair around the sock near the toe section.

This way, once all the hair is wrapped around the sock she can use the opening as a scrunchy and fold it over the hair to keep it in place.

She then repeats the exact same process on the top section of her hair.

Fey says in the morning all you have to do is take out the socks and give your hair a quick comb through and you’ll have heatless curls with minimal effort.

Viewers were seriously impressed by the hairstyling tip, one wrote: “Genius I’m so trying this tonight!”

“Holy cow! I tried it and It actually worked! And was super comfy to sleep in!” One user exclaimed: “It stayed in and I have gorgeous soft curls. Can’t believe it!”

A third said: “SOLD! I was wondering how I could do my hair without it getting so dry and fluffy when I sleep.”

But other viewers joked they moved around in their sleep far too much for the hack to work, with one saying: “There is no way that is staying on my head as I fight ninjas and pirates in my dreams.”

Another added: “I move way too much in my sleep for this!”


Wrapping her hair around the socks creates heatless curls and protects her hair from frizz[/caption]

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