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Woman credits 'self-care' tips for helping her look younger in 50s than 40s

A 51-year-old woman has taken to TikTok to share her astonishing transformation, claiming that a dedication to “self-care” has left her looking better in her 50s than she did in her 40s.

Billie, known as @billiesteele_fit on the social media platform, is an avid sharer of her fitness journey which began back in 2021. She believes that her commitment to a fitness routine is a key factor in her dramatic change, as evidenced by a side-by-side video comparison she posted for her followers.

In a standout video on her profile, Billie reveals that when she first stepped into the gym in May 2021, she was riddled with anxiety. Fast forward three years and she’s now eager to motivate others to embark on a similar path to self-improvement, especially if they’re unhappy with their appearance.

The video showcases a stark contrast: initially, Billie appears without makeup, her hair casually tied up, and donning glasses. The caption reads: “When you go from looking like this in your 40s”. The footage then cuts to a present-day Billie, fully made-up and exuding confidence, accompanied by the text, “To this in your 50s”.

She further elaborates on her transformation in the video’s caption, stating: “I care about what I look like and I’m not ashamed to admit it. When I put on over 20 kg I stopped taking care of myself and I looked the worst I’ve ever looked in my entire life in my late 40s.

“When I looked bad, I felt bad. Three years ago, I decided to take the initiative to lose weight, to invest in some self-care, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Looking better encouraged me to take even greater care of my appearance. The way we look influences how we feel I dont consider that vanity, but rather a sense of pride in who I am and what Ive accomplished in my 50s.”

The woman attributes her improved outlook on life to the transformative journey she embarked upon thanks to her dedication to fitness and wellbeing, referencing “self-care” as a key factor. Her followers were quick to laud her efforts and transformation, with one user commenting: “Hard work, consistency and determination pays dividends! You look stunning Billie!”

Another chimed in: “Not vain at all. I feel the same at 64. I work hard to be fit and healthy.” Some naysayers suggested an over-reliance on “filters” was at play, while defenders passionately argued these critiques were rooted in simple “jealousy” of the woman’s commendable “hard work”.


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