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Window cleaning: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘best time’ to clean your windows to avoid streaks


Dirty windows are an eye sore that can definitely look even worse with the sun shining on them. Sometimes, even using the most expensive and specialist products isn’t enough. Now, fans of Mrs Hinch have explained that when you clean your windows could be the reason why your windows look so dirty.

“Including white vinegar, washing up liquid, newspaper, micro fibre cloths.

“They are still smeared like crazy, it is stressing me out looking at them.

“Does anybody have any amazing tips to help me out please?”

The post was inundated with comments and advice from users who said she shouldn’t clean her windows in the sun.

One user replied: “I always use warm soapy water with splash vinegar and buff up with newspaper.

“The only time they ever smeared is if I did it when it was too sunny, so now I do them in the evening time.”

Another user said: “Don’t clean windows in the sunshine. They dry too quickly and smear.”

Another cleaning fan warned: “Make sure you don’t attempt to clean them in the sun, wash with a little fairy liquid water then dry off with glass cloth.”

“Marigold cloth its amazing,” replied one user.

“Just rinse with water wring out and use. No products needed.”

Others suggested using warm soapy water with a splash of vinegar in it.

Some of the more specific products mentioned included Windolene, Astonish window cleaner, Mr Muscle glass cleaner, black tea and Dettol antibacterial spray.


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