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Window cleaning: Expert shares top tip to avoid ‘pesky streaks’ when washing windows


Lynsey Queen of Clean, AKA Lynsey Crombie, is a TV cleaning expert and best selling author known for sharing her tips and hacks on social media. The influencer, who has more than 225,000 followers on Instagram, often has hashtags she encourages her fans to follow each week. Today is “Windows Wednesday”, meaning Lynsey shared some of her window cleaning top tips with fans.

Another product recommended by Lynsey for window tracks is a mini dustpan and brush set.

She said: “If you would prefer not to use your small vacuum brush head then these small brushes are great for the window tracks.”

With spring just around the corner, many Britons are taking the opportunity to clean their homes.

The Government’s lockdown roadmap to cautiously ease the latest restrictions, also means there’s never been a better incentive to spruce up your home.

He said: “Start by opening up the window and take an old paint brush to loosen any dirt, dust and cobwebs that might be stuck in the frame.

“Then use the hose of your vacuum cleaner to get rid of any debris.

“For uPVC window frames, marks and stains should come off with ease.

“Fill up a bowl with some warm water and washing-up liquid and use a soft white cloth to wipe down.

“Avoid using a coloured cloth as the dye can stain plastic.”


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