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Will there be a winter lockdown? The scenarios that could result in FOURTH UK lockdown


But at this point, discussions are ongoing as to whether the UK will run a booster jab programme, with scientific experts yet to sign off on the notion.

Former health secretary and chair of the Commons health committee, Jeremy Hunt, asked the vaccines minister about when the booster programme may start.

In the Commons, Mr Hunt asked: “So given the big lesson from last year is that acting early can stop the need for lockdowns, as happened in Taiwan, Singapore, Korea and a number of other places, is this not a moment for ministers to say that we understand the scientists want to take their time, but we have got a reasonable idea of what they are likely to recommend, so we are going to get on with this booster programme before it is too late?”

Mr Zahawi replied: “The booster programme is probably the most important piece of the jigsaw yet to fall into place so we can actually transition this pandemic, this virus, to endemic status.”

He added: “We are ready to go as soon as – Cov-Boost, which is imminent to report – we will be able to operationalise a massive booster programme.”

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