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Wife asked if she could get money back on cruise holiday after stabbing abusive husband to death


A WIFE arrested for stabbing her husband to death asked police if she could get her money back on a cruise holiday, a court heard yesterday.

Retired accountant Penny Jackson, 66, was in a holding cell when she said: “Do you think P&O will give a rebate?”


Penelope Jackson is accused of murdering her husband David, and asked if cops thought she could get a refund on a cruise after being arrested[/caption]

She had been due to go on the trip with 78-year-old husband David, a former lieutenant colonel.

The “comfortably-off” pair had booked five cruises including the Canaries and Caribbean but they had been deferred because of Covid.

But she had killed him at their home in Berrow, Somerset — claiming she had finally snapped after decades of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.

Jackson told Bristol crown court he threatened her with a poker at Christmas in a row about a TV remote control.

The jury was shown video, filmed on the defendant’s mobile phone, of the pair rowing over the TV remote control.

Jackson told how her husband picked up a poker – the first time he had ever picked up something to hit her with.

She said: “While we had issues and he was controlling and nasty he had never used a poker. It was a silly row and it escalated.” 

She denies murder but admits manslaughter.

Footage of Penelope Jackson's arrest has now been released by a judge
Footage of Penelope Jackson’s arrest has was released by a judge

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