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Why is a pink ball being used in Test cricket, and is it being used for England vs Australia?


THE ASHES are underway and Joe Root’s side are looking to hit back after defeat at the Gabba.

It’s onto Adelaide now with Jimmy Anderson and Stuart Broad expected to return for the tourists.

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The pink ball is being used in day-night Tests[/caption]

Broadcasters have been explaining the dynamics of the pink ball on Channel 4

Action gets underway early in the morning on December 16 – and this Test will be using a pink ball.

Why is a pink ball being used?

The traditional red ball is too difficult to pick out in floodlit conditions.

The white ball traditionally seen in limited-overs cricket clashes with players’ kits and sight screens.

Normal red balls are dyed to achieve their colour, while the white and pink balls are painted.

Will the ball behave differently?

Players claim the pink ball goes soft quickly.

They also report that it can be expected to swing more.

This movement through the air is heightened when the natural light fades.

When will the pink ball be used in The Ashes?

The pink ball is primarily used for day/night Tests so it can be used in the light and dark.

As such, it will be used for the Second Test at Adelaide which gets going at 4am GMT on Thursday, December 16.

That match is the only scheduled day/nighter of the series so the usual red Kookaburra will be used for the remainder of the series.

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