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Why has Ant Middleton left SAS: Who Dares Wins?


Middleton has come under fire in the past years for his tweets relating to coronavirus and Black Lives Matter.

According to the Mirror, in a now-deleted tweet, Middleton posted: “The extreme left against the extreme right. When did two wrongs make a right.

“It was only a matter of time. BLM and EDL are not welcome on our streets, absolute scum. What a great example you are to your future generation. Bravo.”

Middleton was responding to a video that claimed to be of “BLM/Antifa agitator hunting lone veterans and football lads in packs”.

Less than 24 hours later, he released an apology video where he said: “I’d just like to clarify a tweet I’d put out at the weekend and deleted straight away once I’d re-read it and realised that it could cause offence.

“I put out a tweet or retweeted a video of the violence, the terror and chaos that was happening on the streets of London. 

“Within that tweet, I mentioned the BLM and EDL and the word ‘scum’. At no point was I calling the BLM scum and comparing the two organisations. 

“I want to make that really, really clear. 

“The word scum was used to describe the people in the video that were violent, that were causing terror on the streets of London and setting a bad example for our future generations.”


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