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Why Harry Jowsey went to therapy before joining ‘Perfect Match’ (Exclusive)

Harry Jowsey who broke out in the first season of “Too Hot To Handle”, is known for having a player reputation. On Perfect Match” season 2, the reality star admits he has slept with “pretty much everybody who’s been on a Netflix reality show.” Despite this, the Australian star is seen throughout the Netflix show’s latest season insisting he has changed his ways — which he attributes to therapy.

“Yeah, I think going to therapy makes you look within a lot more and I think being in this space, you always have a lot of eyeballs on you and always second guess yourself and always questioning things,” Jowsey told the Daily News ahead of the season 2 premiere.

Jowsey sought the professional help to get through a few heartbreaks he recently experienced.

“I’ve been through a few bad break ups and didn’t really know what was going on and if there was questions I needed answered.”

Australian YouTuber Harry Jowsey attends the 31st Annual Race to Erase MS Gala held at Fairmont Century Plaza in Los Angeles on May 10, 2024.

MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images

Harry Jowsey attends an event in LA last month. (Photo by MICHAEL TRAN/AFP via Getty Images)

In 2020, Jowsey left “Too Hot to Handle” in a relationship with Francesa Farago, but the couple broke. Afterwards, he was romantically linked to Georgia Hassarati after she broke up with Dom Gabriel, who is also on “Perfect Match” season 2.

“It’s so easy to see it from my eyes, but a bit harder to see if from someone else’s eyes or bird’s eye view. So, I think therapy’s really helped me have a different perspective on situations and also know how to understand arguments and also understand my triggers, what’s going to get me a little bit upset, and how to calm myself down in certain situations.”

Nonetheless, Jowsey has no trouble connecting with other contestants in the villa, initially matching with fellow “Too Hot To Handle” alum Ꭼlys Hutchinson (season 5) before redirecting his focus to Jessica Vestal of “Love is Blind” (season 6.)

On the show, Jowsey has a breakdown when Vestal confronts him about what other castmates told her about his past. Despite his best efforts to reassure her, Jowsey admits he’s still at the center of drama that plays out throughout the season.

“We filmed this show a year ago, so I’m sure since then there’s been a lot of things that have changed with me as well and there’s a lot of growth. I’m kind of curious to see the Harry I was a year ago knowing that I was kind of at the starting point of growing up a little bit. I know I was a bit of a silly sausage on the show.”

“Perfect Match” season 2 is streaming now on Netflix.


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