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'Why do you hate your country?' Owen Jones mocks MP for lack of Union Jack flag in video


In an online meeting of the Public Accounts Committee, Conservative MP James Wild hit out at the BBC’s new director-general Tim Davie over the public service broadcaster’s lack of Union Jack flags in the BBC’s Annual Report. In the online meeting, Mr Wild asked Mr Davie why there were “zero” Union Flags featured in the BBC’s Annual Report. Mr Wild then went on Twitter to speak further about the matter.

He tweeted: “I asked about Union Jacks as I couldn’t spot any in its 268-page Annual Report, maybe this year’s will.”

Responding to Mr Wild’s comments, Guardian columnist Mr Jones today tweeted: “Where’s your flag, James?

“There’s no flag behind you!

“No flag pin on your lapel, no Union Jack-themed glasses or collar or tie or hat.

“No flag ear warmers, no flag on your ceiling, not even some Union Jack eyeshadow.

“Why do you hate your country so much, James?”

In the online committee meeting, Tory MP Mr Wild questioned Mr Davie on the low number of flags used in the broadcaster’s regular programming.

Mr Davie defended himself by saying the nation’s public service broadcaster was “proud” to be British.

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Now, a group of 17 backbench MPs have sent a letter of complaint to the BBC.

They want BBC Breakfast hosts Mr Stayt and Ms Munchetty to be reprimanded after they were dismissive about the Union Jack flag and a portrait of the Queen.

The furore erupted after Mr Stayt told the Government’s communities secretary Robert Jenrick during an interview that, “I think your flag is not up to standard size government interview…measurements.

“I think it’s just a little bit small. But that’s your department really.

“Just a thought.”


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