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'Why did you take that action?' RMT's Mick Lynch challenged after unions 'walk out'


Mr Lynch discussed asking National Rail to withdraw a letter stating that threatened over 2,000 redundancies for rail staff. LBC host Nick Ferrari challenged the RMT chief after National Rail’s own negotiator Tim Shoveller claimed the unions walked out of their meeting on Thursday. Mr Lynch hit back at the claims, insisting that unions did not quit the negotiations but instead adjourned the negotiations. The ongoing rail strikes have been impacting Britons this week, due to the closure of rail transport services, many people have been struggling to find other options of public transport in order to get to their intended destinations.

Mr Ferrari said: “In the previous hour I had the privilege of speaking with Tim Shoveller who made the claim that you and your colleagues left talks yesterday at around twelve-thirty.

“Prior to Network Rail being able to offer you and your colleagues a new deal, if that is correct why did you take that action? Good morning.”

Mr Lynch told the broadcaster: “Well Nick, we have to consult with our union colleagues, and we have to get a mandate sorted out.

“So we are in continuous discussions with Tim Shoveller and his team, in fact, I’ll be going to meet him immediately after this interview.

“And we’ve got another set of negotiations going on at the same time with train operating companies, so we’ve got to coordinate that between us.

“And what we ask the company to do yesterday, was withdraw a letter stating that they would make these redundancies that we’ve been discussing, which is obviously at the heart of this dispute.

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Mr Lynch said: “So they proposed 2,900 redundancies to us, and we’ve said to them we want to mitigate that, and we need a guarantee of no compulsory redundancies.

“So we can move the negotiations forward in total which also means the discussions they want on technology, new working practices, and other adaptations they want that everybody’s heard about.

“And then we need to move on to the pay question that we’ve got, so it’s a very complex situation, there are sixteen different companies in this issue and we have to coordinate our responses to those across the union.

“So from time to time, that means we need to take an adjournment, so we didn’t walk out we had an adjournment and we met them again later, there were also two other trade unions at that meeting as well.”

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Mr Lynch has been asking to also meet with Secretary of Transport Grant Shapps, but his efforts have been unsuccessful.

Government ministers have said they will implement a new law that will allow agency workers to break the strikes.

Many Britons have been impacted by the strikes due to the amount of disruption they have caused.

Seeking other means of transport has been hardest for those living in rural areas of the country that do not have the best travel options, such as regular busses.



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