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'Why are we letting them in!?' Ranvir Singh skewers Tory MP over lack of border checks


Ranvir Singh and Adil Ray criticised the lack of scrutiny on incoming people into the UK amid the coronavirus pandemic. Mr Ray questioned whether the Conservative Party’s Minister for Small Business would raise their concerns with Boris Johnson following the interview.

Ms Singh said: “Why are we letting 8,000 people in?

“Why are we allowing them in, if we have got no way of knowing if they are isolating?”

Mr Scully replied: “Checks are being done.”

Mr Ray interjected: “Come on, Paul Scully, they are not, border force are saying that checks are not being done.

“One tourist came from Peru, [they asked] what are you in the UK for, he said to visit Big Ben and he was allowed in.

“The border force cannot stop them, they are doing their checks but they are allowed to come in.

“Are you going to take this up with the Prime Minister?”

The Conservative MP responded: “The Home Office and border force will be hearing what you are saying, I cannot comment on an individual case.”


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