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Why are France playing in their away kit against Italy and does home rugby team always change strips?


Six Nations leaders France return to action TOMORROW where they’ll be facing Scotland in what will be their third encounter this month.


Les Bleus have been impressive at home, convincingly dealing with Italy and getting over the line in against a talented Italian side.


But now, the Frenchman travel to Glasgow where the Scots will be hoping to bounce back from their recent defeat in Wales.

Why are France playing in blue and does the home team always change kit in rugby?

  • Unlike football, it is customary that the home team plays in a changed strip in the event of a kit clash
  • This means France will get to represent in their home jersey of blue whilst the Scots play in their alternate white strip.
  • Traditionally it was considered good manners and showed a level of courtesy for the home team to offer to change, and the hosts were also more likely to have access to an alternative kit, in contrast to the travelling visitors.
  • But interestingly, while the home team changes in the Six Nations, in top flight club rugby it is the away team who switches colours.






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