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Who was Pontius Pilate? The 'archaeological evidence' of the man who crucified Jesus


“In the ancient near east, seals were often engraved with the name of the owner and could function as a legal signature.

“The Herodium’s treasure trove of ancient discoveries included glass, pottery, arrowheads and a cache of coins from the First Jewish Revolt.”

Herodium was held up during the Great Jewish revolt of 66 to 73 AD, when the people of Judea took up arms against the Roman Empire.

According to Professor Meyer, the seal ring sat on a shelf for nearly 50 years before being analysed by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA).

The ring was cleaned and photographed in great detail, revealing a wine vessel and inscription on the object.

Professor Meyer said: “Even though one of the letters is damaged in the name, the ring clearly has a Greek inscription which reads ΠΙΛΑΤΟ (PILATO) or Pontius Pilate.

“This second discovery related to Pontius Pilate once again testifies to the reliability and historical accuracy of the Bible.


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