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Who is MasterChef semi-finalist Eddie Scott?


AS this year’s Masterchef is underway, one semi-finalist has already found himself making headlines.

But who is Eddie Scott? 

Eddie Scott has reached the MasterChef semi-finals

Who is Eddie Scott?

THE MasterChef semi-finalist Eddie Scott, 30, is a marine pilot who lives in Beverley, Yorkshire.

Speaking about his food inspiration, he told the BBC: “Travels to France during childhood holidays have inspired my love for the classic regional dishes of France. 

“My Indian heritage also plays a huge part in my cooking style. I love to cook the Punjabi dishes I grew up eating with my family. 

“But my real passion is the great Mughlai cuisine: the historic royal dishes of Old Delhi, Lucknow and Hyderabad. I also love to combine classic techniques with Indian flavours, creating my own fusion.”

Does Eddie have social media?

Yes – the Masterchef contestant posts frequently on Instagram.


His Instagram bio says ‘All things food. Real food’ – and that is exactly what you can find on his social media profile.

The semi-finalist posts a range of food snaps, videos and selfies – all with detailed captions explaining the ingredients he used.

He also uses the highlights feature to share videos providing step-by-step instructions of how to cook some of his favourite meals.

His profile also includes a few snaps of himself and his fellow contestants.

Unlike some of the other contestants, Eddie does not appear to have a Facebook profile or a Twitter account.

However, he does appear to have a TikTok account, which former contestant Rish Nanavati follows and leaves comments on.

Who else is in the Masterchef semi-final?

As the heat in the kitchen rises, more hopeful competitors are fighting for a place in the semi-final.

Here are the contestants who have earned an apron so far.

  • Eddie Scott, 30
  • Pookie, 45
  • Holly Parnell, 29
  • Sarah Rankin, 47
  • Olayemi Adelekan, 51
  • Ioan Jones, 38

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