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Who is Imelda Marcos?


FORMER Filipina first lady Imelda Marcos once had wardrobe that could have rivalled Kim Kardashian’s.

But who exactly is the criminal and what happened to all her shoes? Here’s all you need to know…

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Imelda Marcos on her 85th birthday[/caption]

Who is Imelda Marcos?

Imelda Marco is a Filipina politician and convicted criminal.

She married Ferdinand Marcos in 1954 and became the First Lady of the Philippines in 1965 when he became president.

However over the course of 21 years her husbands stole billions of dollars from the Filipino people.

Her family was unseated in 1986 and they were forced into exile in Hawaii.

After the death of her husband in 1989 her family were allowed to return to the Philippines.

She was then elected four times to the House of Representatives of the Philippines, and even ran twice for the presidency – but failed to get enough votes.

Her family were known for their lavish lifestyle during  a period of economic crisis and civil unrest in the country.

She famously owned roughly 3,000 pairs of shoes which she kept in her home in glass display cabinets.

Her and Marcos hold the Guinness World Record for the Greatest robbery of a Government.

What happened to Imelda Marcos’s shoes? 

It’s not known exactly what happened to Imelda Marcos’ shoes – but we do have a rough idea.

At the Marikina Shoe Museum in Metro Manila 720 pairs of her shoes have been on show.

Currently 253 pairs are on display while 467 are in storage, according to reports.

Some people claim a lot of pairs were destroyed.

In 2012 it was reported that over 1,000 pairs were damaged by mold and termites after being kept in boxes that were damaged in a flood.

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Hundreds of shoes of former Philippine first lady Imelda Marcos in her home[/caption]

What happened when Imelda Marcos met Ruby Wax?

On Sunday August 5, the BBC will air the three-part series ‘When Ruby Wax Met . . . ‘ on BBC Two.

A famous interview with Imelda Marcos will be shown as part of the show.

In one promotional clip for the show Wax commented that during the interview Marcos didn’t realise that they were “taking the piss” out of the ex-first lady.

Wax described the interview to the Jewish News: “Oh yeah, I hit the jackpot with that interview. 

“We went all the way to the Philippines and I was told that I had just 10 minutes with her.

“But I was still there four days later. I was just thrilled that she liked me so much. 

“Then finally she said, ‘Do you want to see my shoes?’ She wouldn’t have done that on day one.

“When she showed me the accounts, I thought what kind of world are we in? 

“Like OJ, she was an interesting mind to pick, you know, to figure out what motivates her.”

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