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Who has to fill out the census UK? Full list as households have just HOURS until deadline


The Census deadline for England, Wales and Northern Ireland is Sunday, March 21 – today. The survey is required by law, as it helps to give the Government a clear picture of all the people and households in the country. The census is also vital as it can help shape future decisions about your area and services.

For example, Bristol City Council used the 2011 census data to inform decisions on how to fund local housing improvements.

While charity Redbridge Council for Voluntary Services looked at the survey to help people from ethnic minority groups learn more about dementia.

This year is a little different to normal however, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is hoped the census will provide fresh information about how the outbreak has affected families across the country, while also ensuring services we all use are updated to meet a changing society.

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Filling in the census shouldn’t be a chore, however.

The census website says: “Taking part in the census is your chance to help make sure you and your community get the services you need for the next 10 years and beyond.

“The information you give in the census helps provide the best picture of the needs of everyone in England and Wales.

“Organisations such as local authorities and charities use this picture to plan and fund the services we all need, including transport, education and healthcare. Without the census, it’d be much more difficult to do this.”

The London Fire Brigade, for examples, uses census data to look at which areas and communities are most at risk of fires.

LFB says: “By looking at data from the census about age, for example, the team can map areas with higher numbers of older people living alone, who might be more at risk of injury or death if a fire happened.

“Other factors like overcrowding or the lack of central heating can also make people more vulnerable.

Without the census data it would be more difficult for the Brigade to map these areas of risk. It really does save lives.”


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