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Whiten ‘stubbornly stained’ socks and clothes in 1 wash with ‘better than bleach’ 16p hack

Laundry items that are white like tops, bed sheets and pillows can quickly start to dull or gather nasty stains, making them look unsightly.

Socks in particular go through a lot – even frequently washing them makes their whiteness fade into yellow or grey.

While most households would turn to the help of bleach to whiten them, bleach can cause damage by weakening the fibres and removing any logos that are on the socks or clothes.

Taking to the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips and Tricks Facebook page, cleaning enthusiast Helen Stonehouse asked group members if it was okay to use bleach on a few items that were in desperate need of whitening.

She said: “I’m going to try bleach on these stubbornly stained white t-shirts and socks. They all have a little different coloured logo on them though. Can I still use it?”

Fellow cleaning enthusiasts were against it and instead recommended Michelle use a different product – Napisan.

Lisa Newton wrote: “I would avoid using that stuff. I used it on school shirts and it turned them yellow I had to bin them. I would try Napisan.”

Sally Hughes replied: “I agree. I used this and all the logos turned a different colour so now I swear by Napisan. The bleach didn’t even whiten the socks well.”

Nadine Wilan said: “I would recommend Napisan. Bleach used to be my go-to until it turned my socks and a top yellow. Napisan is amazing, doesn’t affect other colours and works so much better than bleach.”


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