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Where is Longmeadow on Gardeners' World located?


Gardeners’ World is a popular factual BBC series featuring a number of professional horticulturalists and amateur gardeners. The iconic series has been airing since the 60s and its presenters have included Monty Don and Alan Titchmarsh. One of the locations in the series is Don’s own garden, Longmeadow, and fans are keen to know where it is.

Where is Longmeadow on Gardeners’ World located?

Horticultural writer and broadcaster, Monty Don, first presented Gardeners’ World between 2003 and 2008.

He then reprised his role as host in 2011 and has been offering advice to fans ever since.

The series has seen the presenters explore many picturesque locations, including The Magnolias in Shrewsbury and Barleywood in Hampshire.

When Don returned as host of the series, the Gardeners’ World base was relocated to Longmeadow, which is Don’s own garden.

The stunning site is located in Herefordshire, in the West Midlands, and the host has provided plenty of insight into its creation.

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On his website, Don said he bought his home in 1991 and the garden was made up of an abandoned two-acre field.

There was only one hazel tree in sight and everything else was nettles and brambles.

He spent the following spring and summer clearing the rough grass, curious to know the lay of the land.

Don has been planting in his garden since 1993 and he continues to make changes to this day.

He has featured some drastic before and after photos on his website, which show the full extent of the works.

The garden looks magical as every season passes and there is plenty for gardening fans to see.

Sadly his garden is not open to the public, so fans will have to immerse themselves virtually.

Don is always giving viewers sneak peeks at his stunning garden via his social media channels, including Instagram.

Alongside one recent photo, he said: “Sundown over the orchard this evening” and it attracted a lot of attention.

His dog, Patti, has also been keen to get in on the action, with Don saying: “Patti helping plant salad seedlings into the new greenhouse.”

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Don has been taking part in virtual events so he can continue to offer handy tips.

He has also just promoted the release of his new book, My Garden World, as a paperback book.

The first episode of the 2021 series, featuring Longmeadow, will air on March 19 at 9pm.

The synopsis says: “Monty welcomes spring at Longmeadow with plenty of changes in the garden to share. He gets on with some essential pruning, sows chillies and makes a start on this year’s vegetables.”

Gardeners’ World Live is due to take place in June 2021 and fans will be pleased to see Don back in action.

Gardeners’ World airs on BBC Two.


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