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Where is Line of Duty filmed? Where is it set?


Line of Duty fans will be reunited with AC-12 tonight (Sunday, March 21) from 9pm on BBC One. Ahead of the highly-anticipated new series, fans are curious to know more behind-the-scenes details. Where is Line of Duty filmed and where is it set? Jed Mercurio and the cast of Line of Duty shared all of the details with Express.co.uk and other press ahead of the Line of Duty premiere.

Where is Line of Duty set?

Line of Duty is set in an unknown location in Central England, known as The City.

In the series, viewers have also been told the details AC-12 operate ‘somewhere around the M6.’

The police forces referred to are the fictional Central Constabulary and the fictional East Midlands Constabulary.

The exact location of the series is never mentioned. However, in the past, maps of Birmingham have appeared on walls in the background of shots.

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Fans may also recognise Obel Tower and St Anne’s Cathedral, which have featured in the show in the past.

Filming for the current series began in February 2020 but faced major delays as a result of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Sadly, filming was postponed indefinitely in early March and filming did not resume until August 2020.

Speaking about the impact of Covid on filming, Kate Fleming star Vicky McClure said: “I mean, all of a sudden the testing was there, we were put into kind of close cohorts rather than bubbles.

“So we were asked to try and still be sort of away from each other. So obviously, there’s a lot of people that are involved in cast and crew and they were is a sort of a traffic light system as you went on set.

“So there was a lanyard system, so only certain members of crew were allowed on set the same time as cast, we built a set so that we have ventilation in certain [places].

“AC-12, the interview room, as a, for instance, is, you know, not break COVID in a glass contained box, so as much as we use the original set for other things, for the main body of it, we used a set, which was brilliant, and, you know, genuinely can’t tell a difference.”

She added: “The schedule was probably one of the biggest changes from an actor’s perspective because it just meant that we were shooting with, different directors on the same day and different episodes on the same day. And you know, that chronological [order] of wasn’t possible because we were bound by location and safety.”

Adrian Dunbar, who plays Ted Hastings in Line of Duty added: “I did find a difficult. I mean, Jed had to remind me a few times just exactly, and the director’s sometimes had to kind of remind me exactly where we were because we were jumping between scenes.

“It’s sometimes difficult to know how you pitch something when you’re moving, between directors in between episodes, so I did find that pretty difficult it was strange, because we normally shoot in two blocks. So we have one director for the first three and another director and so you can keep the three blocks storyline.”


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