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When was my house built? How to tell if your home is Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian



The Tudor period occurred between 1485 and 1603 when Elizabeth I, Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I reigned in succession.

Homes built during this period still stand today all across the country, so it is possible that your home is Tudor.

The experts said: “Spanning three centuries, charming Tudor-style homes can be distinguished by their ornate half-timbering, picturesque, thatched roofs and steeply pitched and gabled rooflines.

“These homes vary in sizes, ranging from vast mansions to smaller suburban cottages, and were commonly constructed from timber wooden beams – visible on both the exterior and the interior of the houses – known as the ’half-timber’ method.

“Many Tudor houses can be identified by their deeply distinctive monochrome characteristics and fairy tale thatched roofs. Although, those who were wealthy in the Tudor times could afford the more weatherproof and durable option of tiled roofs”

The following four features suggest your home could be Tudor:

  • Exposed wooden beams (quite often uneven – as they were crafted by hand)
  • Distinctive black-and-white monochrome paint in at least one section, more often than not
  • Tall chimneys – fireplaces started to become a common feature to facilitate the large chimneys that were installed into the properties
  • Thatched roofs – however, those wealthy enough would have opted for tiling


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