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When to plant daffodil bulbs


With their vibrant yellow blooms and distinctive trumpets, daffodils are a floral favourite. Although many will pick up a bunch of daffodils on their trip to the supermarket, the flowers are actually very easy to grow at home in any garden.

When to plant daffodils

Daffodil bulbs are usually sold in late summer, ready to be planted in September.

When buying daffodil bulbs, you should try and pick the largest bulbs on offer.

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) recommends squeezing the bulbs very gently, in order to make sure they are firm and optimal for planting.

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You should actively avoid any bulbs which are showing signs of mould.

In springtime, it is possible to get hold of some potted daffodil plants which are ready to start blooming.

When daffodils flower will depend on the type of daffodil, as there are several varieties to choose from.

Generally, daffodils will flower from January to May every year.

After the bulbs are planted, give them some water to settle their soil surroundings.

The RHS says bulbs planted in the ground shouldn’t require further watering unless there are long dry spells during the growing season.

For planting spring daffodils in containers, the RHS website explains: “When planting temporary spring displays in containers, you can plant less deeply and pack the bulbs closely together, for greatest impact.

“But do then transplant the bulbs into the garden after the display is over, planting more deeply.”


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