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When to cut grass: How often should you mow your garden lawn in spring?


Cutting your grass is an important part of keeping a healthy garden, but it can be a chore. We’ve finally got through the winter, and we’re now into meteorological spring. How often should you be trimming your lawn?

Everyone should be regularly cutting their grass in the summer to maintain a neat and tidy garden.

Each time you mow the lawn, the grass will grow back thicker, which creates a five-star appearance.

The first cut back after a long winter can be time-consuming, but it’s still an essential part of garden maintenance.

Once you’ve finally plucked up the courage to give your grass a good trim, how often should you continue to mow the lawn?

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You should never mow the lawn when it’s wet or frosty, as it could damage the turf.

That’s why you shouldn’t rush out to trim the grass on the first day of spring.

If the weather is particularly warm earlier in the year, you could always mow the lawn with a high-trim setting on your lawnmower.

As the year goes on, you should move to cutting your grass twice a week in the summer months, said the RHS.

“The mowing regime is an important part of maintaining a healthy lawn,” it said.

“The cutting height and mowing frequency will depend on the purpose and look you want to achieve, whether it be a close-cut ‘classic’ lawn or longer-grassed wildlife lawn.

“Mowing is carried out mainly between March and October. Over spring and autumn: For a conventional lawn mow once a week.

“Leave flower-rich and long-grassed lawns uncut in spring, unless growth is very vigorous.”

For the first mowing in spring, you should set the lawnmower to this highest cut setting.

Every week after, you can gradually reduce the height of the cut to around 6-13mm.

You should avoid excessively close mowing of the lawn, as it can actually make the garden more susceptible to drought and weeds.

If you’re not sure about how much grass to cut, the general rule of thumb is to avoid removing more than a third of leaf shoots in one go.


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