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When is the next SEISS payment due? How to find out when you'll get paid


“It is thought that claims will be open until May 31, 2021, but this grant will cover the period running between February, March and April 2021.

“As with previous grants, HMRC will contact eligible taxpayers and invite them to apply after the specified date.

“Previously HMRC has paid grants within six working days of receiving an application and I expect this will be the case for the fourth grant also.”

While the SEISS grants have been helpful to many claimants over the last year, it is important recipients keep in mind the grants are still taxable.

Mr Copeland added: “For those eligible and receiving funds from SEISS now, it’s important to remember that the money is still subject to tax.

“Individuals need to be careful to factor this into their own financial plans, and ensure it is reported correctly to HMRC.”


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