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Wheeler Dealers star Mike Brewer makes admission about classic car fans  

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has opened up on the global appeal of the popular classic car restoration show. 

TV star Mike admitted fans around the world were “starved” of the duo before tackling the latest series which saw the team travel to five countries in an ambitious project. 

Mike accepted the classic car repair series had transcended the UK with fans approaching the presenters from “different countries” when broadcasts aired. 

Instead of filming another series at their UK HQ, Mike decided the time was right for a global expansion to take the show on the road. 

The episodes have been some of the first to be set outside of the UK since the show returned from filming in America back in 2020.

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Mike said: “Wheeler Dealers is a global show and we know as presenters through social media we get approached from all over the world as soon as the show is aired in different countries all over the world.

“We know we’ve got this global audience and we felt that they are being starved of contact with us. 

“Exploring their culture, their social history and their passions and enthusiasm for the things we love. 

“So when we wrote this series down we chose and highlighted the territories around the world where we know we have a built-in audience that we can go and tap into.”

The latest World Tour Series started life in Italy with Mike and co-host Marc Priestley working on a stunning Ferrari 348.

Next, the duo took on a bright red Fiat 126 in Poland and then tackled a BMW E30 in Germany.

They then got stuck into a charming Citroen 2CV in  Fourgonnette in France before embarking on a series of episodes in Australia. 

Down Under the team has worked on projects involving a Ford XR8, VW Combi, Toyota Hilux and a Holden Surf Wagon.

The global series has appeared to be a popular success for the tried and tested formula with Mike praising his “legion of fans” for bringing the show to life.

Mike told Express.co.uk: “We arrived in these countries and we know we’ve got legions of fans that can not only support us along the way which we needed. 

“We needed people to put on car shows for us, look at their car culture, how they operate, how they run. We needed garages to open their doors because their fans and say ‘yeah come and use our workshop’.

“That’s what we targeted and I think that’s the success of this series around the world, that we get to see other people, other cultures. 

“We shine a spotlight on other industries around the world, fabricators, trimmers, welders. It’s not all shot in the UK for a Uk audience. It’s shot globally for a global audience.”

Wheeler Dealers World Tour will be available on Discovery Channel and discovery+, airing weekly on Mondays at 9pm from 29th April.


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