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Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer gives new update in hunt for stolen classic Ford Fiesta

Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer has shared a rare update on the stolen Ford Fiesta taken from production crews last summer.

Mike and co-host Marc Priestley had just finished restoring the classic Fiesta Mk1 and were on their way to unveil their work when the model was stolen from a hotel car park.

Thieves worked through chains and locks to take the model and trailer it was stored in.

It’s believed criminals took just 25 minutes to nab the vehicle just hours before the covers were due to be lifted at a special Fiesta motoring event.

Mike has privately admitted he was gutted about losing the timeless model with only four left in the entire world.

Last year the crew were still relatively optimistic the model would be discovered once the series had aired on TV.

Mike even offered a £5,000 reward for anyone who had any information which led to the discovery of the model.

But, months since the show broadcasted there have been next to no updates with Mike giving a rare insight when asked by a fan about the latest progress.

Wheeler Dealers’ viewer Ian Brooks contacted Mike asking for any fresh leads on social media site X.

He asked: “Hi Mike. Just watched a rerun of the series 20th anniversary prog with that [Fiesta]. Has it ever been found?”

But, Mike simply responded on X: “No.. gutted.” Ian quickly added: “Oh mate, really hoped that the social media attention would of helped get it back.”

Mike and Marc decided to work on the historic Mk1 as a special tribute after Ford’s announcement they would be discontinuing the Fiesta range.

Mike purchased the car for just £4,000 after a quick negotiation brought the seller down from £5,000. But, the pair spent a further £11,200 on restoring the model with major updates needed.

Among the work included an extensive engine repair, installing new water and oil pumps and fresh bodywork.

Mike has previously admitted losing the car “really hurt” and unveiled the duo had no plans to make a profit if it was ever discovered.

He told Express.co.uk: “I was really hoping that after the show aired someone might own up to it or tell us where it is.

“It’s not so much as we want to sell the car and make a profit out of it, we don’t, there’s only four, we want to rescue it.

“If we got that car back I’m pretty sure we would mount it on a plinth somewhere in the Wheeler Dealer workshop and it would stay with us forever because it’s become an important part of our family. It’s like losing a child. It really hurt.”


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