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'What's wrong with being proud?' Malone erupts at 'Hitler Youth' attack on One Nation song


Jeremy Vine panellist Carole Malone has defended the Conservative Party after the Government encouraged people to take part in the “One Britain, One Nation” (OBON) campaign from detractors comparing the scheme to the “Hitler Youth.” As a part of OBON British schoolchildren have been asked to sing a patriotic anthem this coming Friday. Some parents have reacted angrily to the plan, however, Ms Malone attacked those dismissing the campaign and asked: “What is wrong with people loving being British?”

Ms Malone continued: “A sense of belonging is one of the most important human needs.

“It doesn’t mean you hate other countries, it doesn’t mean you are insular.

“It just means you love your country.

“In America, they love their flag, they love their country, and insulting the flag is illegal in America.

“But to compare that, what we just saw to Hitler Youth is farcical.” 

It comes as some British parents took to social media to express outrage at the notion their kids would be forced to see the patriotic anthem.

One irate parent penned on Twitter: “I guarantee my child will not be taking part.

“She has even said as much. I will remove her from school if necessary.”

Earlier on Ms Malone had clashed fiercely with fellow panellist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown over the OBON campaign.

Ms Alibhai-Brown said: “It really turns my stomach this idea.”

“Do you love this country, Yasmin or not?” interrupted Ms Malone.

Ms Alibhai-Brown replied: “I love London and I love many aspects of this country.”

Ms Malone fired back: “And you tell me not to talk about the metropolitan elite but you say you love London but only London?”


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