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What will happen in Lucifer season 5 episode 9?


Additionally, towards the end of 2020, fans were treated to some short teaser trailers of what is to come.

The official Lucifer Twitter account posted a fan cam video, recapping what had happened in Lucifer season five so far.

Just as it looked like the 57-second montage was coming to an end, the final five seconds featured a scene from Lucifer season five, episode nine.

The clip ended with God standing behind Lucifer and touching his shoulder, where he says: “I’ve come to ask you something.”

With God’s hand on his shoulder, Lucifer is visibly shaking but whether it is out of rage, fear or sadness remains unknown.

The official Lucifer Twitter account also posted a fan cam video of Chloe Decker’s best moments.

The clip shows a confused and dazed Chloe Decker walking around the offices of the LAPD, searching for Lucifer, asking a passing colleague: “Have you seen Lucifer?”

As time as resumed, the glass from the window which Lucifer crashed through during his fight with Michael is still falling to the floor in real-time, with Lucifer nowhere to be seen.

At the end of part one, Chloe told Lucifer she loved him and was nervously awaiting Lucifer’s response.

Fans will have to wait until Friday, May 28 to find out what will happen next.

Lucifer season 4 and 5A are streaming on Netflix now


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